Parole manipulation at SCI Greene

Well over a year after Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell lifted the moratorium he imposed on the PA Board of Probation and Parole in conjunction with the Department of Corrections (DOC) to bring to a complete halt all prisoner releases, parole eligible prisoners at SCI Greene, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, who fall under the classification of violent offenders are still feeling the ramifications of Governor Rendell’s actions. Sadly, they have become pawns in the quest for continued prison expansion here in PA.

Philadelphia Collective Hopes to Open Autonomous Space in Kensington

by the Heartsville Community Space Collective


Romeo is the youngest prisoner in Iowa history to be sentenced to life
without parole. He is innocent, and was sentenced in violation of state
laws. More than ever, he needs funds to pay an attorney who can help him
overturn his conviction on appeal.

SUNDAY, JULY 2ND, 6pm @ LAVA (4134 Lancaster Ave). $5-10 suggested donation.

Romeo’s legal assistant/wife, Tialonda, and a member of the Philly
Anarchist Black Cross will be giving a brief presentation about Romeo’s

So the UN Declaration was scrapped. Now What?

By Ahniwanika (John Schertow) -

Well none of us should be suprised. Eventhough this declaration is non-binding
(like all other UN declarations) it clearly proved to be too much for
Nation-States to accept (in good faith.)

Who can blame them? Can you imagine Indigenous Nations having a right to their

Autonomous Communities

by dave onion

The aspiration for autonomy is above all the struggle against political and moral alienation from life and work - against the functionalization of outside interests, against the internalization of the morals of our foes ... This aspiration is concretized when houses are squatted to live humanely or not to have to pay high rents, when workers call in sick in order to party because they can’t take the alienation at work, when unemployed people plunder supermarkets ... because they don’t agree with absurd demands of unions for more jobs that only integrate people into oppression and exploitation. Everywhere that people begin to sabotage, to change the political, moral and technical structures of domination is a step toward a self-determined life.

from a 1983 meeting of Autonomen in Hamburg

"Attention, MOVE: This Is America!”

At the 22nd anniversary of May 13, MOVE organizes for 2008 Parole Hearings

helicopter dropping bomb on MOVE

By Hans Bennett

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sambor declared these words through a loudspeaker, minutes before the May 13, 1985 police assault on the mostly black revolutionary MOVE organization’s home. This assault killed 5 children and 6 adults, including MOVE founder John Africa. After police shot over 10,000 rounds of bullets into their West Philadelphia home, a State Police helicopter dropped a C-4 bomb, illegally supplied by the FBI, on MOVE’s roof. The bomb started a fire that eventually destroyed 60 homes: the entire block of a middle-class black neighborhood. Carrying the young Birdie Africa, the only other survivor, Ramona Africa dodged gunfire and escaped from the fire with permanent burn scars.

Audio - Talk by Ramona and Fred Africa

  The appearance at the rampART was part of a MOVE information tour of the UK. Further dates include Newcastle and Bristol.

The talk was attended by around 50 people. It began with a screening of the MOVE documentary and was followed by a questions and answer session.

listen to her talk 

defenestrator 10 year anniversary celebration

On August 23 we celebrated out 10th anniversay with a big fundraiser and celebration at the Rotunda. The event was a big success, and all the bands pretty rocked.

Check out videos of some of the performances below. Cheers to Kevin for taping!

Shell to Hell

by Mcmike

Brad Will RIP, a companero and a journalist

Brad Will, a friend and a friend to the international struggle for justice, was murdered. I meet Brad when went we traveled cross country and attended a radical conference in Ohio together. I remember him dancing to a contemporary dance piece during the Active Resistance conference in Chicago in the 1990s adding well done and creative art to the events.
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