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"We're getting there"

Sure it's a slogan, but really, where are we going?

The signs of the defeat of Libyan revolution

In a few hours, the UN Security Council will decide to start air strikes against Libya. France has said that it is ready to start the bombardment from tonight.

We condemn this international resolution, if it is realized. And we totally reject any foreign intervention in Libya, whatever shape it may take, especially a French one.

Dancing With Dynamite

--An interview with Ben Dangl

Benjamin Dangl, author of the new book Dancing With Dynamite (AK Press), was video-interviewed by Angola 3 News this week while visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, on tour with his book, which has been positively reviewed by a range of publications and writers, including Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, who proclaimed that “Ben Dangl breaks the sound barrier, exploding many myths about Latin America that are all-too-often amplified by the corporate media in the United States.”


silviaViolence, Healing and 500 Years of Anti-capitalist Resistance

JOIN US March 3-4 for a TWO-PART lecture and discussion series featuring autonomist, feminist, activist and writer, Silvia Federici.

...THURSDAY MARCH 3, 7:00pm
"Women, Witches and the IMF: The True Nature of Global Capitalism"
Wooden Shoe Books, 704 South St

This discussion will focus on the true nature of global capitalism, including the way that "primitive accumulation" is actually an ongoing process, and that this process is generated and maintained, at least in part, through violence against women. Federici will touch on the major themes in her book "Caliban and the Witch," which explores the violent origins of capitalism in the Great Witch Hunt of Europe, and draw parallels between the new land grabs and simultaneous return of witch-hunting in Africa and India. She will also discuss the necessity for a feminist analysis of capitalism and the importance of women's struggle over reproduction as part of anti-capitalist movements.

Lucasville Five Hunger Strike Begins

An interview with author Staughton Lynd

January 3, 2011

In 1993, the maximum security Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio was the site of an historic prisoner rebellion, where more than 400 prisoners seized and controlled a major area of the prison for eleven days. Nine prisoners alleged to have been informants and one hostage correctional officer named Robert Vallandingham, were murdered. Following a negotiated surrender, five key figures in the rebellion were tried and sentenced to death. Known since as the Lucasville Five, they are Namir Abdul Mateen (James Were), Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Carlos Sanders), Bomani Hando Shakur (Keith Lamar), George Skatzes and Jason Robb.

pp/pow Russell Maroon Shoatz Needs Your Help

maroonMaroon needs your help now to get into general population! 

At last the Pennsylvania Dept Of Corrections has recommended that Russell Maroon Shoatz be released into general population. Russell is thrilled after 23hr a day lockdown for the last 21 years. Russell Shoatz hasn't had any infractions in the last 21 years, and everyone is on board with his release into population, except for the Superintendent of SCI Greene, Mr. Folino. Russell Shoatz is to appear before the Program Review Board, who also recommends Russell's release into population, on  Jan 5, 2011 . We must stop Supt. Folino's quest to keep Russell in solitary confinement (locked down 23 hours per day).
Please contact Supt, Folino Phone # 724-852-2903 Or Tracey Shawley if Folino isn't available.
Write, Supt, Folino, 169 Progress Drive, Waynesburg, Pa 15370
Sec Of PA Prisons, Sec, Shirley Moore Sneal Phone, 717-975-4918

On The Block Radio Stories

DECEMBER 17TH SHOW:Portland and Homeland Security: An Interview with Dan Hendelman of Portland Copwatch

PA Prison Report Headlines.
-Historic prisoners' strike in Georgia shuts down six prisons.
-Jailhouse lawyer held in freezing cell; stripped of legal property in solitary confinement.

In the wake of the arrest of 18-year-old Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud on charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in Portland, we speak with Dan Hendelman of Portland Copwatch about --Portland's status as a city that has rejected becoming a partner of the FBI in its National Joint Terrorism Task Force --Recent FBI surveillance of Hendelman and Portland Copwatch --The fear that the arrest of Mohamud might lead to a stronger collusion between the FBI and local Portland police in future law enforcement efforts in the city.

DECEMBER 24TH SHOW: Police Brutality Case 11.27.10: Naimah Jones

PA Prison Report Headlines.
-Prisoner transferred out of state in retaliation for filing grievances
-Continued solitary confinement torture at SCI Coal Township

On today's show, we continue our documentation of police brutality incidents occurring in the United States with this post of an interview with Inas Shabazz about the recent acts of police brutality against her sister, Naimah Jones, on November 27th. In the early hours of the second day after Thankisgiving, Naimah Jones was choked, thrown to the concrete, and tasered several times in front of her home in North Philadelphia as her children looked on. Her sister asserts that Naimah did not physically resist arrest and the attacks were unjustified.

The attacks were preceded by a verbal exchange between Naimah and a police officer regarding the children she had left locked in her car as went into her home to retrieve some items.

She is facing felony assault charges. Her sister, Inas Shabazz, tells the story.

Please spread widely.


Meanwhile .... elsewhere on planet Earth, the Multitudes continue to Strike Back against Empire

Yesterday (November 28, 2010) Ireland’s multitudes took the streets to protest proposed reductions in pensions and the minimum wage as well as massive layoffs, all repercussions of a “bailout” deal with the EU which, as elsewhere in Europe, means cuts to health care, education, social security and infrastructure. Let’s call it the post-Reagan “US Model.” The continuing global Crisis created by out of control, runaway banks and real estate developers in sycophantic relationships with governments who then step in to guarantee the bank debts, while the rest of us are, as the Irish would say, “fecked.” Debts incurred, US economist Paul Krugman points out in a recent column “Eat the Irish,” “not to pay for public programs, but by private wheeler-dealers seeking nothing but their own profit – yet ordinary Irish citizens are now bearing the brunt…”

John Holloway, Crack Capitalism and Latin America

Radical sociologist and anti-capitalist writer John Holloway's latest work Crack Capitalism (Pluto Press 2010) continues to explore the fundamental themes of how best to combat capitalism and change the world anew. Following on from his widely read and contentiously debated book Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today (Pluto Press 2002), Crack Capitalism explores the key question - what now is to be done?

Penn, Pipelines, and Privatization: Exploiting West Philly High Schools

A high school pipeline program offered by Penn Medicine draws students from West Philadelphia schools with promises of opportunity. Predictably, Penn is looking after its own interests rather than trying to improve lives in the communities it claims to care about.

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